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 The Scarlet Hour (1956) as Marsh             

Three Violent People (1956) as Beauregard Saunders  

Screaming Eagles (1956) as Private Mason   

I married a Monster from Outer Space (1958) as Bill Farrell 

Gunfight at Sandoval (1959) as Texas John Slaughter 

The Unholy Wife (1957)

Fall of the house of Usher  (1958)


The Story Of Ruth (1960) as Mahlon 

Geronimo's Revenge (1960) as T.J. Slaughter.

Marines, Let's Go! (1961) as Skip Roth 

Something's Got To Give (1962) as Stephen Burkett 

Stampede at Bitter Creek: Texas John Slaughter (1962)

The Longest Day (1962) as Lt. Wilson 

Moon Pilot (1962) as Capt. Talbot

The Cardinal (1963) as Stephen Fermoyle 

In Harms Way (1965)

The Glory Guys (1965) as Capt. Demas Harrod  T

The Narco Men (1969) as Harry Bell 

Color Me Dead (1969)


The Horsemen (1971)



TV Shows

Disney's Texas John Slaughter (1958) as T.J. Slaughter (See when it is going to air on the Disney channel) You can now catch this show 7 days a week at 5:00 am on the Disney channel).

DisneyLand '59 (1959) as himself.  Winchester '73 (1967) as Lin McAdam.



  Film Writer Credits 

 Fedora (1978) Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978) TV. The Other (1972)



   Television Credits 

 The Virginian (four times) The Big Valley The Restless Gun Wagon Train Zane Grey Theater The Frontier.  (Tom also appeared in Bob Hope's The Chrysler Theater in "Mister Governess)



     Author Of 

The Other/ Harvest Home/ Night Of The Moonbow/ Lady In The Fire Of Spring/ Wings Of The Morning/ Night Magic.


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