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 Why isn't there a page on Tom Tryon the great actor? That is a question I asked myself when I was surfing the Internet and found nothing more than a few words about him.  I am sure others have asked the same question and now I hope they have found the answer, there is a page on Tom Tryon.  Putting together the page wasn't really that simple as there is not a lot of information on him that I could find, and even most of his movies aren't even available any more! Here among the pages at this site you should be able to find out at the very least what a great actor he was and that he truly deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest actors, in his career he has acted along some of the best actors including "Brian Keith" "John Wayne", and many more, he has played in some of the most unforgettable movies and classics like "In Harms Way", "Moon Pilot".  Tom's popularity was in the 50's and 60's. Until he retired in the 70's from a film career to write fiction books under the name "Thomas Tryon".  Sadly, Tom passed away of cancer in 1991 (he was born in 1926), we lost another great actor.  I hope if you are a tom Tryon fan you will enjoy these pages put together, if you are not yet a fan I hope these pages will make you want to be a tom Tryon fan.  His acting ability was so very natural, very few actors have that ability that's why the few that do are special. For more information about Tom follow this link:

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